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June  2015

Greece's Saronic Gulf

Athens / Pireas (Pireaus)

Video Link on YouTube:

Destination:  Athen's waters

Dates:  June 20 to 27, 2015
Board Sat  6/20  at 1800 (maybe earlier)
         skipper chart briefing 1430
         purser supervised shopping 1400
    Disembark Sat 6/27 by 0900

    Length of sail trip:    7 nights 

Cost Estimate $1500 per person
airfare not included). See below for details


More information:

bulletJune:  66 to 86 in temperature
bulletWater temperature:  70
bulletWind speed about 9 knots average, but with surprises
bulletNightlife ashore at some anchorages
bulletRugged and ancient beauty


bullet Sunsail Info
bullet Moorings Info

Example Itineraries

1) A March 2015 itinerary provided by Sunsail using the new Zea Base.
Zea Marina stow provisions in afternoon, leave early
Aegina 16 sm
Hydra 24 sm
Spetses 17 sm
Poros 23 sm
Epidavrus 17 sm
Vathi Babu 10 sm
Zea Marina 22 sm (early morning start)

This is illustrated on the right  ---- 

Actual sail plan as it turns out...


20 June                 Sunsail base at Zea Marina in Piraeus (next to Athens).  Didn't leave port until 17:40.   Overnight in Nisos Aigina, Souvalis Bay (North side).


21 June                 Overnight in Palaia Epidhavros, East side of Peloponnesos.


22 June                 Overnight in Poros (South side of Poros island).


23 June                 Sail-by on Hydra (Idra) port.  Lunchtime stop, Mandraki Bay (N. Idra), difficult anchoring, essentially aborted.  Overnight in Ormos Skindos, North side of Nisos Dhokós.


24 June                 Lunchtime stop at Mandraki Bay, Norths side of Idra (Hydra).  Overnight in Russian Bay, SW side of Nisos Póros.


25 June                 Overnight in Aigina, SW side; Anchorage North of Perdika.


26 June                 Nisos Mini (South side) swim stop.  Lunch stop on SW side of Nisos Angistri (Limenaria).  Overnight in Zea Marina in Piraeus (Athens).




Click to explore sailing ground:

Temple of Poseidon, 440 BC, at Cape Sounion Bay

Epidavros Amphitheatre, 4th Century BC (more)

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Crew List

All crew committed by sending a $500 deposit, refundable only if someone would be willing to take your place.

The boat/berthing  assignments have not been made as we need to ensure the right amount of sailing experience is on both boats, and to meet crew preferences.   We'll settle that at the Feb planning sessions. 

It is expected that daily sailing may have people on different boats for the hops between ports and lunch stops. As well, the daily happy hour and dinner locations will be on different boats.

There are some roles needing volunteers for each of the catamarans:

bulletPurser: Plan the food and beverage provisioning for their boat
bulletDinghy Capt:  Small boat  care and preparation
bulletDJ (optional): Ensure variety of music / gaming
1 Joe Martinka 42' boat skipper,
flotilla accountant
Fully paid up

A.M. planning on  3
person fwd
berth and trampoline

Planning to fly from NYC on 6/17, with 2 day Athens Area tour.

Depart Athens for Geneva and Rome  at 4:30 pm on 6/27

2 Dorian Martinka  
3 Arielle Martinka  
4 Jeff Dunham 42' boat 1st mate Fully paid up from Barcelona - probably 1 week prior Greek tour
5 Michelle Krick   from CA - joining Jeff on Greek tour
6 Sam Martin   deposit received  
7 Laura Martin    
8 Michael Diamond   Fully paid up leaving 1 pm on 6/27 back to states
9 Emily Freebairn   Fully paid up  
10 Larry Meyer 38' boat skipper Fully paid up  
11 Therese Meyer possible purser?  
12 Monica Hersch 1st mate Fully paid up  
13 Elisabeth Crabtree   deposit received arrive Athens @ 10:20am (6/17) - UA8673 

6/29 - Depart Athens @ 1:05pm,

14 Susan Goods   deposit received  
15 Matt Mathis  
16 Melissa Sampson   deposit received  
17 Deb Levine   deposit received  
18 Wait list #1      
19 Wait list #2      

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Budgeted at  $1500 per person.  The balance of $1000 is due on April 3rd as a check to Joe Martinka.

This cost was estimated based on the expected number of people who sign up, the cost of the boat(s) that we would reserve, partial provisioning (the food on board) with additional main course purchases, beverages, bar and a small buffer.  Some items are estimates, and are based on previous cruises.  It is harder this time as some provisioning will be ad hoc.  For food, I have allocated $45/person/day.

This is a cost that reflects a proposed 7  night trip.  It expects a partial basic provisioning from Sunsail, additional groceries at the marina and purchases of meat/fish at various port stops.  Also, anticipate some meals  (3 to 5 nights?) may be ashore at Greek restaurants, partially covered by the sailing group's kitty.    I'll send the spreadsheet if you want to see it.

It does not reflect hotel or travel costs off the boat, nor any air fare..

Airfare Ideas

bulletAirport Codes

ATH - Athens -The “Eleftherios Venizelos” International Airport is located on the north-east side of the city in Spata.


Distance to the Zea Marina (Pireaus) base is 49 km; the transfer takes approximately 60 minutes.  Most people will already be in Greece


SFO to ATH round trip : around $1600 to $1900
JFK to ATH round trip: around $1200 to $1700

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Sailboat Information

Boat Reservations  Layout and Specs
Sunsail 444 Catamaran   More Specs

(reserved in Sep 14: early 10% discount)

Cool looking Virtual Tour

Sunsail 384 Catamaran   More Specs 

(reserved in Jan 15)

LIG sailed this boat class  in Thailand, April 2010.  Compact and economical. 

"Mama Mia" Brochure on boat


Before the catamaran when we had a fewer committed crew, we had reserved this sloop below.   
Sunsail 41 foot Sloop   More Specs

(reserved in Dec 14. then released in Jan 15)

Full boat  Virtual Tour

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Page update history

Sep 10, 2014 - First Draft
Sep 12, 2014 - updated with Sam's signup
Sep 16, 2014 - updated with total of 8 crew now
Sep 23, 2014 - 1st boat reserved, still looking for more
Oct 14, 2014 - Added two more crew on waiting list
Nov 20, 2014 - Added two more crew on waiting list
Dec 6, 2014 - Added Arielle to the first boat
Dec 12, 2014 - Added Michael to crew, and reserved 2nd boat
Jan 8, 2015 - Added three persons and converted 2nd boat to cat.  Updated cost estimates.
Feb 25, 2015 - updated boat marina location and added more crew status.  Different itineary.

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