Family Achievement Goals - Den 5 Pack 426

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Bear Rank Qualifications

bullet☼Family achievements this year  (pace yourselves – I’ll recommend some each month!  Some will be presented at a den meeting)
bulletDo either achievement 1 or 2 at least with your son
bullet7c to 7e safety at home
bullet9c and 9f  food at home
bullet10a and 10b  fun at home
bullet11e escape at home (will ask for maps)
bullet13a,  13e and (13e or 13g)  help at spending well
bullet17a and 17f watching tv and information
bullet18b and 18e writing a note to someone
bullet21a or 21f  build a model at home -- pinewood derby
bullet23c. 23d sports live and on tv
bulletAchievements for Bears are more numerous than for Tigers or Wolves
bullet☼See page 286-287 for summary – Only 12 of 24 necessary
bulletI don’t want to be in a position forcing a race toward finishing achievements in the last two months of the year.  It short-changes the boys experience.
bullet☼Achievements are based on Akela’s call whether the scout “did his best”.  (see page 3 of bear handbook)
bulletI will ask you to work with your son on some achievements before or after a den meeting.  (e.g. folk tales, collections)
bulletAchievement parts not part of 12 selected for Bear badge are arrow points!
bulletAbsences from den activities
bulletSome den activities are voluntary
bullet☼If a scout can’t make a den activity, it is Akela’s responsibility to
bulletAlert den leader or other leader to not expect that scout.
bulletfind out what achievements were covered at the time, and to do it as a family. 
bulletDen leader updates those achievements in scouttrack for boys who were present.