Summer Camp -  2006  - Pack 426 last update: 11/20/2008 12:48 AM

One of the best bay area scout summer day camps is close to Pack 426 homes, in the Steven's Creek County Park.  It has been a popular choice over the years for many cub scout packs.  It has gotten so popular that it requires significant parent participation...perhaps the reason that it is so rewarding for the boys.

Thanks to the pack volunteers. We have enough person-days to get 12 reserved spots at the day camp.

However, we still need help on the BB Range by qualified boy scouts or by adults.  Call Joe! 

Basic Details

    Location: Stevens Creek Park - 1st session
    Dates:  July 17-21, 2006 
    Times:  around 8:30 to 3:30 daily.  Carpooling arranged from St Luke's.
    Activities:  crafts, archery, water creek walking, games, bb gun training, camaraderie, etc.
    Parental commitment: 3 days typical,  maybe 2 depending on number of boys.
    Guaranteed spots: 12 boys from Pack 426.
    Cost:  $105 per child


bulletCouncil Camps:
bulletLast year at Stevens Creek  (.pdf file)
bulletHost station information (.pdf file)

There is lots of paperwork associated with running the camp.  Mail or drop it off to me at 1760 Laurentian Way, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

bulletSome application forms
bulletStaff Application  (for boy scouts and others)
bulletPack Roster
bulletAdult Roster
bulletScout Application/Medical Form - click for pdf file
bulletFill out an Adult Application/Medical Form for each parent that will volunteer - click for pdf file


bullet5/17 BB Gun Range Master training.

Current List of Committed Boys (e.g. fees paid and forms submitted)

Reser- vation Name Summer Rank Adult-Days
total / min needed
Fee Who
1 Peter Martinka Bear 3 (M-F) 3 / 18 $105 Joe and Dorian
2 Christopher Reed Bear 3 (M-F) 6 /18 $105 Evelyn
3 Thomas Lee Bear 3 (MTW) 9 / 18 $105 Wan
4 Zachary Fitzpatrick Webelos 1 3 (MTW) 12 / 18 $105 JoAnn
5 Connor O'Neill Bear 3 (M-F) 15 / 23 $105 Kevin
6 Benny Vaugham Webelos 1 2 (M-F) 17/23 $105 Susanna and James
7 Iain Sadowski Webelos 1 3 (M-F) 20 /23 $105 Fiona
8 Matthew Bennett Wolf 3 (M-F) 23 / 23 $105 Bradford Slama
9 Jonathon Bennet Wolf 3 (W-F) 26 / 28 $105 Becky B.  and Bradford Slama
10 Daniel Bauer Webelos 1 2 (MThF) 28 / 28 $105 Jon and Amy
11 Daniel Graves Bear 2 (M-F)  30 / 28 $105 Luanne
12 Andrew Weisner Webelos 1 2 (M-F) 32/ 28 $105 Christine and David
with Pack 502 Peter Pelkey Bear 3 to 5
(M pref T-F)
prog dir decides $105 Patti
with Pack 502 Glenn Smartt Bear 3 (M-F) prog dir decides $105 Sheri

New award (introduced in 2004) that can be worn on the cub scout uniform's right pocket flap.  One basic requirement is participation in a summer cub scout day camp.  With a couple of more requirements, the cub scout can be awarded this great award for his uniform.  Check out this link:



Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  If I only work 3 days, does that mean my scout only attends 3 days?
A:  The camp is 5 days long.  The cub scout is invited and expected to attend all 5 days.   The parent's may volunteer be only for part of the week.  On days the parent is not volunteering, the scout can join a car pool to the camp.

Q:  What is this "Camp Station"?  Hosting it?
A:  A station is a craft, sport & game, skills, nature, bb or archery range, or other ideas for the scouts.  The program lasts for a 45 minute time slot during the 5 days.  The two adults at the camp station do not count toward the den leadership.  We need to procure the materials within a budget, practice it with boys, and run the activity.  Short training is available

Q: How much supervision is there?
A: In addition to camp directors, staff, and the volunteer station hosts, there will be a parent volunteer for every 1 to 4 boys.  This is a parent participation event, not a summer day care.  Hence the bargain cost!

Q: I can't go to this camp because the dates are not right for my family?
A: You can choose any scout camp and apply as an individual.  Steven's Creek is probably unavailable to walk-ins because of its popularity.  Try the Santa Clara Council link.

Q: I can't afford any time off work, or at least, not the 3 days you ask for?
A: Either parent can volunteer.  If you can be available 1 to 2 days, you can still register, but get second priority behind parents who will help on hosting a camp station.  You can get a reserved spot if there is enough other parents who can volunteer fully.  You could also try to register as a walk-in independently after the pack reservations are complete.

Q: If I would like to volunteer all the days, can the camp help take care of my non-scout child?
A: Yes.  There will be a 'tag-along' or 'tot-lot' service for a parent that are working all 5 days.  If the two parents of a boy are trading places on a station for 5 days, that should qualify too.  So there are two bennies working all 5 days: no fee for your scout, and day care for his sibling.   At this time, the sibling needs to be six or older.  It depends what the camp director will arrange. More info later.     From our Cubmaster JoAnn Fitzpatrick: Years ago at Stevens Creek Camp they had an area for siblings that was incredibly well run and supervised.  Emily and Zach both went and had a blast!   It was equal to or even more fun that what the scouts did.  So don't let the fact that you have younger siblings or even older siblings keep you from volunteering for a few days at the camp. 

Q: I have more questions not answered here....
A: Call Joe Martinka at 408-735-7245, or email at

The Camp Director for the camp is Toni Bedal. 

3580 Olsen Drive, San Jose  Ca  95117 
Program Director  -
  - Pam Maker
  - Pack 502
69 Mariposa Ave.  Los Gatos 95030, and phone is 354-7789.
  -  Becky Fisher
  -  Pack 43
  -  408-230-9230 
 - Cynthia Porter Pack  577 
Sports and Games 
  - Rob Bedal Pack 394/Cindy Almash 
Scout Skills 
  - Andee Issacs Pack 349 
Pocket Crafts Pack
 - Pack 415 Veronica Lentfer 
 - 252-6452
Archery Range  
   Izzy, Pack 325 
BB Guns Range  
 - Joe  Martinka   Pack 426
Camp Nurse 
  - Trish Olkowski, 
    Pack 577 
Camp Registrar and Tee-shirts  
 - Possibly filled 


Ideas about our Camp Station BB Guns

More information on the camp station selection will follow.

BB Guns and Cub Scouts - Official Information

Belt Loops and Pin Requirement


Other application forms for Joe or someone applying for camp staff (teen or adult):