Submarine Overnight -  2007  - Pack 426
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Overnight on a World War II Submarine -

the USS Pampanito - SS 383

Maritime Museum Website (when its up)


bulletDates:  June 2 starting at 7 pm.  June 3 ending at 8 am     
bulletLocation:  Pier 45- San Francisco   --  DIRECTIONS  (easy.  Get off on 4th Street.  Go east to the Embarcadero, then north along it to pier 45.)
bulletEmergency phone to contact a camper:  415-775-1943   or else 415-476-6600
bulletTravel and Parking
bulletCar pool with another scout family.  Economical, more fun, less global warming.
bulletParking costs $19 at a garage near Pier 45.
The USS Pampanito works hard to find the best parking deals for overnight participants. We currently work with a garage called Beach and Hyde Garage. It is on Beach Street between Hyde and Columbus. This garage allows vehicles to stay overnight for $19 per vehicle during the duration of our program (approx. 7pm to 8:30am). To receive this rate, be sure to mention you are with the Maritime Park Association Education Programs. Participants pay the garage when they leave.
The staff recommends unloading children and gear before parking. Drivers can pull to the front of the pier and quickly unload. At least one leader should stay behind to supervise the unloading and to inform the staff of the groupís arrival.
bulletPlan to arrive early enough to be unloaded, parked and ready at the pier gates at 7 pm.
bulletPlease make sure boys have had supper before arriving at the pier.  Submarine food only available after 11 pm after a busy evening.
bulletClothing:   Boys must wear their cub scout shirts and neckerchiefs.  All scouts and adults wear long pants (recommend jeans), closed toe shoes, and have a jacket for the evening.  Inside, ambient temperature is high 60s.
bulletBe Prepared:  Every boy's parents should have a copy of the
bulletParent's List for Trip  <--click to see
bulletRules of Conduct  <--click to see
bulletPampanito Operational Manual  (complete information)
bulletHighlights  Rules
bulletPlease - No electronic devices including video games, computers, radios.  Cell phones turned off.
bulletNo one can leave the pier after the group arrives for the program.  Those who leave cannot return.
bulletEvery adult must help ensure boys respect the historical boat. The ship has mostly original 1940's equipment. Flicking switches, twisting valves, moving handles are not allowed.
bulletShoes are required on the sub, except in the bunks when the must be removed.
bulletNo child topside unless under the supervision of an adult.
bulletIn addition plan to bring:
bulletPersonal toiletries.  Face cloth
bulletSleeping Bag.
bulletWarm clothing (for outside chilly nights)
bulletCamera (with flash) or camcorder
bulletDen 4 will bring some overnight card or board games.  Checkers/Chess on board.
bulletJoe will bring a First Aid kit for the group.
bulletDon't bring too much gear.  Space is valuable on a submarine.
bulletNO video gaming, gum, messy seeds please
bulletFood on board
bulletSaturday Late Snack: "mid-rats chow" before sleeping.  Mid-rats is shortened navy slang for "midnight rations" late at night for watch-standers.   (THANKS WEBELOS DEN) Midrats should be able to be available all night until 0500 for each watch section.
bulletSunday Morning: light brunch with coffee, juice, pastries, etc. before leaving the Submarine.  (THANKS DEN 5)  There is a 30 cup coffee maker for hot water.  The museum have
bulletTurn food receipts to Joe for reimbursement. Plan on 48 persons. 
bulletBe sure to bring materials to help on cleanup.  No cooking or refrigeration available, so a cooler might be needed.  I suggest items that don't need to stay cold if possible.
bulletWith our large crew this time, we may need to eat in two shifts.
bulletRough Schedule
bullet1900 (7 pm) Arrival, paperwork, group pier and exhibit tours, safety briefing with adults, education program, pier side activities into the evening.
bullet2100 (9 pm) Load gear on submarine, tours start for torpedo, conning tower, control rooms
bullet2300 (11 pm) Night briefings, videos, "mid rats".
bullet2400 (midnight)  Watches begin, changing hourly.  Designated parents and boys will stand watch, work on qualifications, games.  Wake up the next watch section 10 minutes before their watch ends.
bullet0700  Reveille, breakfast, offload gear, cleaning crews for designated compartments.
bullet0800 Final inspection, post colors and photographs.

NOTE: Scouts have been assigned a watch section sometime during the night for one hour.  At least one parent will be assigned as duty officer during each other with the boys having specific activities during their hour.  Three to four boys with one or two parents will be standing watch during each hour.

Current List of Participating Boys

Count Name Night Watch Section Summer Rank Den Fee paid
Forms Complete
Participating Parent
1 Peter Martinka 0000 Bear 5 yes 3/26 Joe
2 Connor O'Neill 0000 Bear 5 yes 3/28 Kevin
3 Thomas Lee 0000 Bear 5 yes 3/28 Wan
4 Andrew Weisner 0400 Webelos 2 yes 3/30 David
5 Nicholas Williams 0200 Bear 4 yes 4/1 John
6 Luke Evard 0100 Bear 4 yes 4/1 Dwight
7 Daniel Graves 0200 Bear 4 yes 4/2 John
8 Nevada Shannahan 0200 Bear 4 yes 4/2 David
9 Bailey and Julian Mendel 0200 and 0300 Bear 4 yes 4/2 Mike
10 Daniel Bauer 0400 Webelos 2 yes Jon
11 Matthew Ngai 0000 Bear 5 yes 4/3 Danny
12 Nicholas Randle 0100 Bear 5 yes 4/3 Glenn
13 Glenn Smartt 0300 Bear 4 yes 4/3 Brian
14 Christopher Reed 0300 Bear 4 yes 4/3 Michael
15 Benny Vaughan 0600 Webelos 7 yes 4/3 Susannah
16 Iain Sadowski 0600 Webelos 7 yes 4/3 Mike
17 Daniel Weaver 0600 Webelos 7 yes 4/3 Eddie
18 Erik Pedersen 0400 Webelos 2 yes 4/3 Suzanna
19 Zachary Fitzpatrick 0500 Webelos 2 yes 4/3  Kevin
20 Stephen Schmitz 0500 Webelos 2 yes 4/3 John
21 Rory Sidovar 0500 Webelos 7 yes 4/4 Nick
22 Justin Ford 0500 Webelos 7 yes 4/4 Hank
23 Adi Zimmerman 0100 Bear 5 yes 4/9 Michael
waiting list Steve Lee   Webelos 7 yes 4/10 Yuan Li
waiting list Danny Piazza   Webelos 7  4/14 Jim


    Den 4 : Officer's Quarters
    Den 5:  Crew's Berthing
    Den 7:  Crew's Washroom
    Den 2:  Crew's Mess

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REGISTRATION INFORMATION  (parts of the original website)

    Boat Time:  Arrive at 6:45 pm on Sat, leave at 8:30 am on Sunday.
        Travel arranged by each boys family.  Have already had supper, overnight parked by 6:45.
    Activities:  stories, watch-standing, videos, duty-roster, games, torpedoes
    Limited Space:  If more than 23 boys sign up, I'll start a wait list.       
        Boys who can go:   Only Pack 426 scouts in the Webelos and Bear ranks. 
    Cost:  around $32 per scout,  $32 per over-nighting parent.  Covers admission, snacks, patches other stuff.

This submarine is very popular.  From its website it brags "Pampanito hosts approximately 110,000 visitors a year and is one of the most popular historic vessels in the country. In addition to day time visitors, over 15,000 kids a year participate in Pampanito's educational day and overnight programs. Pampanito is a National Historic Landmark."

Update 3/27/07 -   I've been informed that a pre-existing rule for Pack 426 of which I was unaware specifies that a scout's parent must accompany the boy on any pack-sanctioned overnight.  Thus, we will only accept boy/parent pairs.   The cost is still $32 per person, or $64 per family.

DEADLINES: April 30th - Each den leader has forms and fees collected for his den turned in to Joe Martinka.

bullet MPA Waiver and Medical Form (for each person - adult and scout)
bulletRoster of scouts and parent volunteers
bulletFor each parent volunteer I need information about their vehicle for trip authorization
bulletCar make, brand, year, license plate, and current liability for car.
bulletDrivers' license
bulletPlease be complete, don't make den leaders or I have to follow up.
bullet(Update on 3/27 ---  This may not be necessary if families are finding their own participation.  I have to find out.)


bulletApril 30th - Registration closes.
bulletMay 25th - Final schedule, bunking, and parent duties assigned.

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Disclaimer:   Joe Martinka was a nuclear-qualified submarine officer during his service in the U.S. Navy.  It is a bit of a home-coming for him, although he has never served on such a tiny submarine.  There will be some sea stories, and also some comparisons to the modern nuclear submarine.