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July 2020
Ionian Sailing

Lefkas, Greece

Check out the historic 2015 LIG Greece sail: in the Saronic Sea  


Destination:  The Ionian Sea - from Lefkas

Dates:  July 4 to 11, 2020
Length of sail trip:   7  days6 nights

Cost   $1700 per person
airfare not included). See below for details

More information:

bulletJuly:  66 to 86 in temperature
bulletWater temperature:  70
bulletVery easy sailing with moderate winds.
bulletRugged and ancient beauty


bulletLefkas:  Sunsail Page on Lefkas

Example Itineraries

Sunsail 7 day link   We may choose variations on this...



Overall look at Greek sailing locales:


According to DreamCharter


The Ionian Sea experience

Click to explore sailing ground:

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Costs and Payments 

Trip is budgeted at  $1700 per person, double occupancy

This cost range is larger than initially estimated ($1200 to $1600) because of the delays to get the crew signed on.  We missed renting the boats with an early season discount and 2019 prices (if we had enough crew by early October)  When the 2nd boat formed at Christmas, only an more expensive premium CAT remained available.

The $1200  balance is due in March 30,  2020.  You can satisfy the balance by one of three methods:

bulletPaypal using the email: exegrec3 AT yahoo DOT com
bulletVenmo using ID:  @Joseph-Martinka
bulletCheck to  1760 Laurentian Way,  Sunnyvale, CA   94087

The $500 deposit is refundable only if we find someone else to go in your place. 

This cost is for 7 day/6 night trip and includes boat, insurance, fuel, provisioning, beverages, some meals ashore, dock and marina fees, taxes.  It does not include your transport costs to the marina. It does not reflect hotel or travel costs off the boat, nor any air fare..


Airfare Ideas

bulletSee the Sunsail Lefkas link at the top of this page.  Also here: Sunsail Page on Lefkas
bulletNearest Lefkas: Aktion - Preveza Airport  Airport Code: PVK
I have found this to be a smaller Greek airport, and requires some diligence to find flights.   Some are $, others $$$.  Orbitz is not enough.
bulletTry: or   Others:    
bulletAirport further away with 4 hr+ commute:  Corfu 
bulletAthens is only a 4 hour car drive away, as part of an extended vacation?
bulletJoe and Dorian are transiting from Rome, direct flights to/fm PVK.  Arriving a few days earlier and car touring.

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Sailboat Information

Boat Selection  Layout and Specs
Sunsail 444 Catamaran
   More Specs

Cool looking Virtual Tour

Lagoon 424 Catamaran
  (Premier vintage)  


More Specs

One possible boat we had considered for 2nd boat

Sunsail 47 foot Sloop  

 More Specs

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Crew List


1 Joe Martinka boat skipper,
flotilla accountant
All In
We expect to get to Lefkas after some Greece touring.   Helsinki afterward, then to Russia for a river cruise
2 Dorian Martinka music director
3 Dan Geiszler 1st mate Deposit cashed traveling earlier through Europe
4 Diane Eaton deck experience Deposit cashed
5 Karen Poeschel   Deposit cashed  
6 Jim Sylvester deck experience Deposit cashed  
7 Suzanne Sylvester   Deposit cashed  
8 Peter Martinka deck experience Deposit cashed  
9 William Bennett tshirt design co-lead Deposit cashed  
--- 2ND CAT ---------    
10 Larry Meyer boat skipper, Deposit cashed  
11 Therese Meyer 1st mate Deposit cashed  
12 Monica Hersch 2nd mate Deposit cashed  
13 Anne Utech   Deposit cashed  
14 Jack Doolittle deck experience Deposit cashed  
15 Mari Doolittle   Deposit cashed  
16 Michele Evans sailing experience Deposit cashed  
17 John Evans   Deposit cashed  

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Page update history

June 18, 2019 - First Draft
September 17, 2019 - Second Draft with firmed up destination
November 9, 2019 - Added Jan as crew.  Updated dates
November 23, 2019 - Added Karen as crew.  Some more in wait list.
December 2, 2019 - Reserved first boat.  More on waiting list
December 10, 2019 - Last members of 1st boat committed.  More on waiting list
December 26, 2019 - Second boat reserved with 2 on waiting list
Feb 2, 2020 - Crew member withdrawal and advance  from wait list

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